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Каталожен номер: 2-F101502-761


Каталожен номер: 2-F101502-761



Hempy Oil 1 is a flavouring preparation that contains an extract of Cannabis Sativa L., with a cannabidiol concentration (CBD) of 5 % (500 mg of CBD), and MCT oil.
Why choosing HEMPY Oil 1?
  • It is THC FREE
  • It is rich in terpenes, fatty acids, glycerol and other nutrients of the plant
  • Certified content in CBD
  • Our extraction technology allows to maintain the COMPLETE PHYTO-COMPLEX of the plant and is based on green solvents
Special suggestion

Thanks to the presence of CBD, Hempy Oil 1 gives a feeling of calm, relax and well-being and can be helpful for people who want to give up smoking. Moreover, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps to maintain the healthy state of the body. Suggested also for flavouring the food of your dog, to give him the benefits of CBD. The table below reports the equivalences between the d rops of Hempy Oil 1 and the content of CBD in mg in order to facilitate your dilution.

Directions for use

Add from 6 to 12 d rops to your favourite food, twice a day. 6 d rops of Hempy Oil 1 contain about 10 mg of CBD. Hempy Oil 1 is easily mixed with food containing fats such as butter, olive oil or other ingredients.

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Работно време: от 9.00ч. — 18.00ч.

Адрес: 20,22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU – London – UK

Е-mail: info@hempymed.com

Каталожен номер: 2-F101502-761

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